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Zombie Pirate
Recently there was a huge sea battle off the coast of the island. Both fleets were eventually destroyed by a vengeful sea god that was woken up by the battle. All the crews were cursed by the god and now exist as zombies roaming the sea bed or upon the island itself.
Class:Undead Level:217
Attack:806 - 912 Defense:633 - 807
Armor:721 - 809 Damage:1091 - 1261
HP:3411 - 3633 Gold:199 - 235
XP:617 - 695
Reinforced Armor:65% - 70%
Nullify:25% - 35%
Disarm:35% - 45%
Dropped Items
Armor of Hellmare
Boots of Fenlore
Gloves of Yorati
Ring of Akisha
Rune of Rehna
Shield of Xalia
Axe of Banela
Spawning Information
Yuzha (East):11%
Yuzha (South):89%
Additional Notes

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