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Eribor (Elite)
Eribor, King of the North Lands of Eridas in times past, was possessed by the fell spirit of a powerful Necromancer he slew in mortal combat. This event happened 100 years ago and since then the possessed kings body has turned to dust within his armor. The evil spirit still holds on however, controlling the armor for its own evil plans like a ghostly puppet master.
Class:Undead Level:12
Attack:70 - 80 Defense:90 - 95
Armor:50 - 60 Damage:70 - 80
HP:60 - 65 Gold:40 - 58
XP:110 - 115
Piercing Strike:30% - 35%
Critical Hit:5% - 5%
Dropped Items
Defender of Eribor Amulet
Defender of Eribor Armor
Defender of Eribor Blade
Defender of Eribor Boots
Defender of Eribor Gloves
Defender of Eribor Helmet
Defender of Eribor Ring
Defender of Eribor Rune
Defender of Eribor Shield
Spawning Information
Krul Small Cave:100%
Additional Notes

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