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Granny Jeze (Titan)
Granny Jeze is a magical being, a giant Ogress and she is filled with loathing for all in the forest of Yule. She has used her vile magic to grow to Titanic sizes and is laying waste to the area!
Class:Magical Level:550
Attack:7106 - 7242 Defense:180 - 352
Armor:126 - 204 Damage:8938 - 8998
HP:16350 - 16800 Gold:296 - 304
XP:2579 - 2937
Piercing Strike:45% - 65%
Critical Hit:45% - 65%
Dropped Items
Granny Jezes Jumper
Spawning Information
Hai Jing Mountains (Slope):20%
Gao Tain Lake (Grove):20%
Fire Temple (Gate):20%
Hirosue Caverns (Cathedral):20%
Shroud Rim (Hunger Fields):20%
Additional Notes

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