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Rhizome Biscuit Boy (Titan)
Rhizome Biscuit Boy is a vast golem made out of gingerbread! Exactly where he came from, no one knows, but he turned nasty when someone spilled warm milk down him. The God of Vengeance noticed this and decided that he really needed to be bigger! Rhizome because a rage filled confection, intent on destroying all dairy farms!
Class:Golem Level:1200
Attack:83793 - 83897 Defense:861 - 1059
Armor:887 - 1033 Damage:47825 - 47907
HP:22724 - 23356 Gold:291 - 309
XP:7158 - 7292
Piercing Strike:35% - 55%
Critical Hit:35% - 55%
First Strike:50% - 70%
Hypnotize:50% - 70%
Dropped Items
Rhizomes Biscuity Necklace
Spawning Information
Thangall Forest (Glade):20%
Atrum Graveyard (Desecrated Plots):20%
Zendell Keep (Courtyard):20%
Zendell Keep (Audience Chamber):20%
Dyseki Town (Suburbs):20%
Additional Notes

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