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Beir Gargoyle (Champion)
Gargoyles are grotesque and evil creatures made of living stone. They have infested the Crystal Fields in great numbers. Gargoyles attack any entering the fields with deadly Piercing Strikes with their rock hard claws and talons, seemingly protecting the path that leads deeper into the field...
Class:Magical Level:2393
Attack:10205 - 10267 Defense:74019 - 74117
Armor:833 - 1015 Damage:7173 - 7235
HP:129303 - 129513 Gold:242 - 358
XP:40495 - 45367
Piercing Strike:50% - 100%
Critical Hit:50% - 100%
Dropped Items
Stone Skin Gauntlets
Stone Skin Helm
Spawning Information
Beir Fields (Ascent):100%
Additional Notes

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