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Cernagath Sickened Malogre
The Malogre are a race of turtle like beings that lived the slow life upon the marsh. Then plague came and turned the marsh poisonous and deadly. The Malogre who lived here succumbed to it, turning into the undead. The Sickened Malogre are rotting and slowly decomposing. They constantly vomit up what's left of their insides in a torrent of filth and infection.
Class:Undead Level:2550
Attack:33259 - 33415 Defense:653 - 795
Armor:649 - 799 Damage:65919 - 66071
HP:20041 - 20503 Gold:256 - 344
XP:24332 - 24418
Critical Hit:30% - 50%
First Strike:30% - 50%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Cernagath Settlement (Bloodied Quarter):93%
Cernagath Settlement (Elders Quarter):7%
Additional Notes

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