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Boronoth the Vindictive (Elite)
Boronoth the Vindictive was once a Malogre, like the rest of his kin. However, a jealous and petty being, he fell under the sway of Burzzthak the Exalted and joined the Shadow Lord's legions. Slowly growing in power, he has returned home and brought his people low, killing them and raising their newly undead forms to start an army in the Shadow Lord's name!
Class:Reptile Level:2550
Attack:197897 - 197981 Defense:2244 - 2346
Armor:2219 - 2371 Damage:116890 - 116978
HP:64073 - 64447 Gold:219 - 381
XP:82864 - 87760
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Boronoths Turtle Rune
Boronoths Turtle Shield
Spawning Information
Cernagath Settlement (Elders Quarter):100%
Additional Notes

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