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Gargantuan Death Worm (Elite)
Death Worms come in many shapes, colours and sizes but all are deadly predators. Ganaroth Death Worms are toothless but can shoot out a violet stream of powerful acid that will burn right through all but the strongest of armor. Occasionally, one of these creatures will reach truly gargantuan proportions, posing a threat to all but the largest of prey creatures.
Class:Vermin Level:2625
Attack:133665 - 133747 Defense:2278 - 2446
Armor:2264 - 2460 Damage:190382 - 190474
HP:65830 - 66470 Gold:289 - 311
XP:84465 - 96347
Piercing Strike:80% - 100%
Critical Hit:80% - 100%
First Strike:80% - 100%
Dropped Items
Worm Fang Amulet
Worm Hide Fanged Shield
Spawning Information
Ganaroth Desert (Worm Haunt):100%
Additional Notes

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