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Pandarite Flying Piranha
The Pandarite coast is home to the deadly Flying Piranhas. Not capable of true flight, these carnivorous fish have large fins that allow them to soar through the air if they jump out the water. They have learned to soar out onto the shore after prey, and successfully downing a kill and a quick feast, they flop back into water.
Class:Aquatic Level:2648
Attack:17809 - 17927 Defense:17600 - 17760
Armor:18093 - 18241 Damage:21373 - 21481
HP:104882 - 105522 Gold:271 - 329
XP:25193 - 27377
Piercing Strike:15% - 25%
Reinforced Armor:15% - 25%
Critical Hit:15% - 25%
Nullify:15% - 25%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Pandarite Sea (Shallows):91%
Pandarite Sea (Squirming Sand):9%
Additional Notes

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