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Gargantuan Clamper Wurm (Titan)
The Gargantuan Clamper Wurm is a new form of burrowing, predatory wurm. This time however, they have grown to gargantuan size! They hunt by burrowing under the ground before erupting out of the ground before their prey, opening their cavernous jaws and shooting out muscular tentacles to entrap their prey before dragging them to a horrifying fate in the Clampers jaws!
Luckily, they are hemmed in on all sizes by mountains, possibly the only reason they have not rampaged across the Realms! The Warriors of the Realms are invited to thin these monsters down!
Class:Beast Level:450
Attack:12380 - 12550 Defense:81 - 189
Armor:57 - 213 Damage:6123 - 6195
HP:2589 - 2841 Gold:248 - 352
XP:1765 - 1845
Critical Hit:25% - 55%
First Strike:60% - 80%
Dropped Items
Clamper Beak Signet
Spawning Information
The Virtue Desert:100%
Additional Notes

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