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The Fae Queen (Elite)
The Fae Queen has ruled her subjects since time immemorial. She has been a fair and just ruler but recent events have hardened her and resulted in her people becoming more aggressive. This is likely down to the destruction visited upon the Pellranor Forest. If such destruction could so suddenly overtake her Dryad allies, they could do the same here, if her people are unprepared. While her motives may be pure, her methods are not. She must be made to see reason!
Class:Magical Level:2750
Attack:212207 - 212325 Defense:2380 - 2570
Armor:2395 - 2555 Damage:127208 - 127400
HP:69099 - 69501 Gold:268 - 332
XP:98320 - 100124
Piercing Strike:80% - 100%
Critical Hit:80% - 100%
First Strike:80% - 100%
Dropped Items
Fae Queens Choker
Fae Queens Gloves
Spawning Information
Thaengol Woods (Audience Chamber):100%
Additional Notes

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