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Salarath Throat Cutter
The Salarath Wood is the tribal domain of the Gomji. The tall hardy trees are ideal for climbing and with their interlocking branches, they serve as a perfect platform for the Goblins to jump from. Their signature weapon is a long black dagger, that they use with alarming proficiency. The Throat Cutters kill silently and then retreat into the trees hoping that the corpse will draw another victim to a similar fate.
Class:Greenskin Level:2731
Attack:15045 - 15209 Defense:23836 - 24036
Armor:24655 - 24833 Damage:13620 - 13698
HP:108109 - 108801 Gold:255 - 345
XP:27498 - 28420
Reinforced Armor:30% - 50%
Nullify:30% - 50%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Salarath Forest (Dark):91%
Salarath Forest (Coven):9%
Additional Notes

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