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Thaengol Fairy (Champion)
Thaengol Fairies are generally mischievous but they do have a darker side as many of the Fae do. There are many tales of the Daco Fairies using magical glamour to confuse travellers and send them in the wrong direction. Other tales tell of the darker side to these Fae where they steal children away from their parents and are never seen again...
Class:Magical Level:2745
Attack:50185 - 50351 Defense:2902 - 3040
Armor:1015 - 1101 Damage:51470 - 51552
HP:147877 - 148391 Gold:251 - 349
XP:54370 - 58616
Piercing Strike:60% - 100%
First Strike:60% - 100%
Dropped Items
Thaengol Fairy Helm
Thaengol Fairy Wing Shield
Spawning Information
Thaengol Woods (Fae Clearing):100%
Additional Notes

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