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Skin Flayer
Skin Flayers are undead creatures who have a passion for skinning their foes with their long talons, hence the name. Many Skin Flayers take this passion to new heights by making clothes and grizzly ornaments from the skins.
Class:Undead Level:257
Attack:1145 - 1255 Defense:1563 - 1669
Armor:1061 - 1153 Damage:633 - 819
HP:4474 - 4828 Gold:244 - 270
XP:770 - 782
Piercing Strike:10% - 20%
Reinforced Armor:10% - 15%
Thievery:20% - 35%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Blaos
Armor of Bandali
Boots of Camral
Gloves of Roakli
Greater Shield of Pelpar
Helmet of Falase
Ring of Relae
Rune of Elmson
Sword of Wreale
Spawning Information
Ghelmot (South):100%
Additional Notes

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