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Khimaira (Legendary)
Another \'Sire of Monsters\', Khimaira is the primogenitor of the various Chimera that inhabit the Realms. It is the oldest and most powerful of its vile race. This huge beast has the front third of a lion, the middle is of a goat, with a goat\'s head rising from the centre of its spine. Both heads are skeletal and putrid! The final third of the body is draconic in nature with a tail terminating with the head of a snake that spits poison! Both the goat\'s head and lion\'s head are capable of spewing torrents of fire! This is a huge and horrifying beast!
Class:Magical Level:1425
Attack:107834 - 107888 Defense:1113 - 1167
Armor:1052 - 1228 Damage:48455 - 48639
HP:27140 - 27580 Gold:230 - 370
XP:24866 - 28402
Piercing Strike:60% - 80%
Critical Hit:60% - 80%
Dodge:40% - 60%
Disarm:40% - 60%
First Strike:60% - 80%
Hypnotize:40% - 60%
Dropped Items
Khimaira Kuirass
Khimaira Signet
Spawning Information
Blotaceous Island (Hunting Grounds):18%
Coral Islands (Tide Pools):19%
Blighted Ziggurat (Torment Room):19%
Nzumbe Island (Shore):22%
Tar Coast (Choking Crags):22%
Additional Notes

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