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The creatures known as the Benthius are beings made from sea plants. They seem to hold a great hatered for the creaturs that live on the land and often come ashore to attack randomly. Legends of the area tell that there may be a link between the Benthius and a story telling of local people being cursed to live in the sea for eternity.
Class:Plant Level:274
Attack:1547 - 1623 Defense:741 - 799
Armor:931 - 1033 Damage:1561 - 1673
HP:4710 - 5204 Gold:265 - 283
XP:790 - 864
Reinforced Armor:15% - 20%
Thievery:20% - 25%
Critical Hit:20% - 30%
Dodge:20% - 30%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Laugeh
Armor of Plaela
Boots of Warsega
Gloves of Benghat
Helmet of Acmaz
Ring of Camela
Rune of Songel
Shield of Engralth
Hand Flail of Easghar
Spawning Information
Ofron Islands (West):100%
Additional Notes

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