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Fell Demon
Fell Demons are nightmarish creatures spawned from fire itself. Their claws are made from burning iron and use them to rake and claw at those who come to close. Even if you were to destroy a Fell Demon it is said that their blood is as hot as molten lava and will spill out upon its attacker, scarring or killing those who bested them in combat.
Class:Demon Level:22
Attack:40 - 65 Defense:35 - 65
Armor:50 - 70 Damage:30 - 70
HP:40 - 65 Gold:15 - 20
XP:50 - 52
Critical Hit:20% - 30%
Dropped Items
Broken Blood Sword
Dark Shade Plant
Enchanted Oil
Potion of Black Death Recipe
Potion of Dull Edge Recipe
Spawning Information
Fiery Pit:100%
Additional Notes

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