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Tattie Boggle (Legendary)
On the night of Oidhche Shamhna or Halloween as it is know to mortals, the evil known as Tattie Boggle arises. In his chosen form he roams the lands striking terror into the people and dragging his victims souls back to the underworld with him at the end of the night.
Class:Undead Level:25
Attack:72 - 268 Defense:30 - 171
Armor:30 - 131 Damage:209 - 275
HP:285 - 815 Gold:20 - 30
XP:132 - 142
Critical Hit:20% - 50%
Breaker:75% - 75%
Dropped Items
Cobweb Sickle
Pumpkin Helm
Spawning Information
Moot Forest West:24%
Burning Abyss (Level 2):18%
Ramdal Caves (Level 2):13%
Dreg Swamp Depths:35%
Nomad Sanctum:10%
Additional Notes

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