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Night Wyvern (Legendary)
The dreaded creature known as the Night Wyvern has escaped from its cell in the dungeons of castle Valk. Lord Valk wants the Wyvern destroyed before it begins to hunt his people. The lord is renowned for his generosity and will reward this evil beast\'s killer well.
Class:Reptile Level:300
Attack:1256 - 1454 Defense:1650 - 1828
Armor:1694 - 1748 Damage:1152 - 1314
HP:5717 - 6383 Gold:272 - 328
XP:1285 - 1465
Piercing Strike:35% - 40%
Reinforced Armor:45% - 50%
Breaker:70% - 90%
Dropped Items
Lord Valks Helm
Lord Valks War Gauntlet
Lord Valks Wyvern Shield
Spawning Information
Erosi (South):19%
Selari (North):20%
Selari (East):20%
Eosi (North):22%
Eosi (East):19%
Additional Notes

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