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Raggghza the Troll (Legendary)
Raggghza the Troll was long thought to have been killed by the noble knight Sir Defron. However the knight never dealt the killing blow and left the Troll for dead. Unknown to him and the people, Raggghza survives and has now returned to strength and is after the fresh meat of man, his favourite meal!
Class:Greenskin Level:10
Attack:61 - 81 Defense:8 - 58
Armor:12 - 68 Damage:12 - 53
HP:146 - 354 Gold:8 - 12
XP:69 - 71
Piercing Strike:15% - 35%
Breaker:45% - 65%
Dodge:35% - 50%
Dropped Items
Raggghzas Magic Skull
Raggghzas Pelt
Raggghzas Tooth Amulet
Spawning Information
Fortress of Elya (Barracks):21%
Otha Caves (Level 1):17%
Nomad Stronghold:7%
Otha Caves (Level 2):7%
Krul Beach Forest East:47%
Additional Notes

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