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Zorgoth Leviathan
The Zorgoth Leviathan is an ugly giant worm like creature that is said to hunt the waters for Dark Sea King Longboats to devour. The Zorgoth Leviathan however is no stranger to the icebergs and will attempt to catch and eat anything it finds on them as snacks.
Class:Aquatic Level:3270
Attack:62999 - 63181 Defense:838 - 1012
Armor:829 - 1021 Damage:63831 - 63971
HP:25762 - 26072 Gold:288 - 312
XP:39964 - 40210
Critical Hit:30% - 50%
First Strike:30% - 50%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Zorgoth Surf (Deeps):93%
Zorgoth Surf (Dune):7%
Additional Notes

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