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Gunnolf the Corrupted (Super Elite)
Gunnolf the Corrupted was once friend to the Realms Warriors and Adventurers. Unfortunately for all, he was grievously wounded and bound down. The minions of the Shadow Lord poured all their hate and malice into the noble creature and Gunnolf arose, purple energies of the Shroud pouring from him. He destroyed his corruptors, much to the amusement of the Shadow Lord, then howled his agony and fury to the skies. Since that night, Gunnolf has been stalking the lands, hunting those he used to aid, his massive, armoured body turning the stoutest of weapons aside! Designed by : TERRORDOG
Class:Canine Level:2575
Attack:95296 - 95450 Defense:174922 - 175020
Armor:174173 - 174343 Damage:111331 - 111461
HP:778247 - 778553 Gold:66 - 534
XP:272191 - 305149
Piercing Strike:100% - 100%
Reinforced Armor:100% - 100%
Critical Hit:100% - 100%
Breaker:100% - 100%
Nullify:100% - 100%
Dodge:100% - 100%
Disarm:100% - 100%
First Strike:100% - 100%
Dropped Items
Corrupted Wolf Buckler
Corrupted Wolf Cord
Corrupted Wolf Helm
Spawning Information
Fellrani Forest (Scamper):14%
Sernath Fortress (Barracks):14%
Tayarog Valley (War Camp):14%
Plain of Banishment (Vale):14%
Pass of the Fallen (Slopes):14%
Fools Gold Vale (Inner):14%
Eldira Port South:14%
Additional Notes

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