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Vampires are evil undead beings that sustain their unnaturally long lives by feeding upon the blood of their victims. The Vampires that dwell in this dark place are bound to a dark coven, all members are given powerful blood red rings that give the Vampire power over others and even spirits of the dead. None outside the coven will ever hold the power of these rings for they disintegrate in the hands of others.
Class:Undead Level:4
Attack:12 - 13 Defense:9 - 9
Armor:8 - 9 Damage:5 - 6
HP:8 - 9 Gold:7 - 9
XP:18 - 21
Piercing Strike:8% - 10%
Dropped Items
Holy Gloves
Infernus Boots
Nobles Hood
Rune of Health
Scalemail Armor
Spiked Club
Stone Club
Spawning Information
Varas Dungeon:100%
Additional Notes

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