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Haloroth Silk Vorgid
The dominant group of plants in the area are known as Vorgids, large carnivorous Orchid like plants that are able to move slowly around looking for prey. Silk Vorgids have a white flower and can spray out a silky web that will stick down any prey long enough for them to move in for the kill.
Class:Plant Level:3522
Attack:10896 - 11012 Defense:81077 - 81255
Armor:959 - 1033 Damage:6427 - 6569
HP:139145 - 139779 Gold:266 - 334
XP:45107 - 47901
Dodge:30% - 50%
Disarm:30% - 50%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Haloroth Fae Woods (Grove):93%
Haloroth Fae Woods (Clearing):7%
Additional Notes

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