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Druugkiel The Annihilator (Legendary)
Far from Erildath, there is a dead land that goes by the name of Scorn. This land was ravaged by war and famine and is uninhabitable. But, there is one creature that lives there, the dreaded Druugkiel. Massive in stature, and brutal in nature, Druugkiel is profoundly savage. This monstrosity moves from realm to realm devouring all Chompers as it survives off their life-force.rnrnChompers are an unsustainable food source for Druugkiel, so it always searches far away realms for more life energy. Recently, there has been whispers that Druugkiel is on the hunt for a more, accessible, food source. As Druugkiel approaches Erildath, we must prepare for the coming onslaught of destruction, malice and pain. To Arms! To victory!\r\n\r\nDesigned by : iceman66
Class:Beast Level:3550
Attack:71394 - 71552 Defense:783 - 867
Armor:780 - 870 Damage:41758 - 41812
HP:22914 - 23314 Gold:219 - 381
XP:12758 - 13604
Piercing Strike:100% - 100%
Reinforced Armor:100% - 100%
Critical Hit:100% - 100%
Breaker:100% - 100%
Nullify:100% - 100%
Dodge:100% - 100%
Disarm:100% - 100%
First Strike:100% - 100%
Hypnotize:100% - 100%
Soulless:100% - 100%
Dropped Items
Annihilator Armor
Annihilator Helm
Spawning Information
Kalarani Forest (Flock):18%
Kalarani Forest (Battlefield):17%
Jarabari Woods (Clearing):22%
Jarabari Woods (Webs):20%
Jarabari Woods (Copse):23%
Additional Notes

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