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Perditus Sepharom Battle Caster
Sepharom Battle Casters are the Fourth rank of Sepharom warrior. A fusion of the Weaver and the Blade. The highest rank, and most deadly of the Sepharom. These fighters can cast magic so well that it has become instinctive. This means that this warrior can strike with a blade and cast a spell at the same time. A truly feared opponent.
Class:Reptile Level:3625
Attack:24033 - 24143 Defense:25074 - 25134
Armor:24288 - 24452 Damage:28868 - 29006
HP:143186 - 143814 Gold:263 - 337
XP:45987 - 52541
Piercing Strike:20% - 30%
Reinforced Armor:30% - 40%
Critical Hit:20% - 30%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
[no spawn data]
Additional Notes

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