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Dipsoshell Guard Tortoise
Dipsoshell Tortoises are imported here from far away lands to serve as guard animals here in the frozen tundra. They are hardy and bad tempered and if trained from a hatchling they can become obedient guard animals, smashing and crushing all intruders with ease.
Class:Reptile Level:335
Attack:1490 - 1672 Defense:647 - 705
Armor:2063 - 2259 Damage:1582 - 1688
HP:7153 - 7379 Gold:261 - 339
XP:958 - 1062
Reinforced Armor:20% - 20%
Nullify:20% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Hurinal
Armor of Elraios
Boots of Ukathar
Frosted Dipsoshell Egg
Gloves of Anion
Helmet of Yealfulpar
Ring of Elibhar
Rune of Hwissnood
Shield of Heighma
Sword of Cheldrail
Spawning Information
Erodum (North):100%
Additional Notes

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