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Inudum Scout Rider
Inudum Scouts ride the frosen wastes atop large reptilian beasts known as Hadrosaurs. Both the scouts skill with the spear and the Hadrosaurs power make encountering one of the Inudum Scout Riders a very dangerous prospect, where you are as likely to be trampled to death as well as skewerd.
Class:Mounted Level:337
Attack:1881 - 2065 Defense:845 - 913
Armor:757 - 901 Damage:2369 - 2447
HP:5871 - 6311 Gold:260 - 340
XP:998 - 1034
Dodge:12% - 16%
Sustain:10% - 18%
Dropped Items
Helmet of Akturba
Red Fang Necklace
Ring of Trebalie
Rune of Korbish
Shield of Perkali
Spawning Information
Erodum (East):100%
Additional Notes

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