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Hoaragog Black Slogath
The Black Slogath are huge goat like monsters that live upon the Ice Glacier of Hoaragog. The people of Hoaragog fear the Black Slogoth, often calling it the ice shadow mouth in their own local language, for they are the Slogaths favoured prey and attacks upon the towns are regular occurrences.
Class:Beast Level:3883
Attack:13660 - 13770 Defense:1067 - 1127
Armor:92602 - 92798 Damage:2120 - 2300
HP:153361 - 153867 Gold:299 - 301
XP:53317 - 59737
Reinforced Armor:80% - 100%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Hoaragog Plains (Scree):93%
Hoaragog Plains (Tumble):7%
Additional Notes

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