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Dwarf Treasure Hunter
Dwarf Treasure Hunters from other kingdoms have heard of the destruction of the Ruzdum Dwarfs. They come to Korundor in search of loot and long lost tresures left behind in the ruins and see any who challenge them for the treasure as an enemy.
Class:Dwarf Level:343
Attack:2006 - 2122 Defense:1255 - 1325
Armor:2369 - 2519 Damage:993 - 1177
HP:7984 - 8540 Gold:263 - 337
XP:1011 - 1057
Thievery:25% - 45%
Dodge:25% - 45%
Dropped Items
Axe of Barsolin
Gloves of Evoluanti
Helmet of Ferrindo
Ring of Hithumorag
Rune of Hanebak
Shield of Ansinnor
Spawning Information
Korundor (East):62%
Korundor (South):22%
Korundor (West):16%
Additional Notes

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