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Skeletal Spider
Giant Skeletal Spiders hunt in these evil forests. These creatures have been created by the darkest of necromantic magic out of the bones of the dead and are horrific to behold and almost impossible to destroy.
Class:Golem Level:347
Attack:1584 - 1756 Defense:1620 - 1700
Armor:1606 - 1792 Damage:1871 - 1995
HP:6637 - 7293 Gold:295 - 305
XP:1013 - 1079
Piercing Strike:10% - 12%
Critical Hit:10% - 14%
Nullify:11% - 14%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Fouall
Armor of Veissnack
Boots of Neivan
Gloves of Tundella
Helmet of Doringal
Ring of Dirbukos
Rune of Tarithnok
Shield of Tolsondil
Spear of Jukinlos
Spawning Information
Dark Vale (East):65%
Dark Vale (South):19%
Dark Vale (West):16%
Additional Notes

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