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Dorvash Iceberg Aspidochelone
To the untrained eye the Iceberg Aspidochelone looks just like a natural iceberg floating through the sea. But it is actually the cunning camouflage of a giant predatory sea turtle. Some accounts say they can get as large as a castle in size and even that the Dorvash Berg itself is a giant sleeping Iceberg Aspidochelone...
Class:Aquatic Level:4012
Attack:17310 - 17364 Defense:34369 - 34447
Armor:34252 - 34352 Damage:27190 - 27384
HP:158370 - 158970 Gold:276 - 324
XP:59867 - 60825
Reinforced Armor:30% - 50%
Nullify:30% - 50%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Dorvash Coast (Iceberg):89%
Dorvash Coast (Hunt):11%
Additional Notes

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