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Abominable Springtime Lamb (STF Titan)
An adorable wee lamb was frolicking in his field, enjoying life, when an evil (and bad tempered) wizard wandered past. Seeing such happiness, he drew vast power into himself and and poured the dark power into the lamb. The vile power made the lamb swell into titanic proportions and it\'s agonised mind made the poor creature turn and destroy all around it. The abominable springtime lamb now appears at this time of year bringing death and destruction to all in it\'s path.
Class:Beast Level:1300
Attack:23700 - 23876 Defense:413 - 601
Armor:452 - 562 Damage:45699 - 45845
HP:11903 - 12433 Gold:294 - 306
XP:15831 - 17897
Piercing Strike:55% - 75%
Critical Hit:55% - 75%
First Strike:80% - 100%
Dropped Items
Abominable Springtime Shield
Spawning Information
Grogkhiem (Lower Sewer):17%
Mattix Sands (Drift):17%
Dungeon of Kai (Catacombs):17%
Dungeon of Kai (Black Vaults):17%
Ogzog Forest (Wild):17%
Grogkhiem (Southern District):15%
Additional Notes

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