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Underling Acolyte
Savage degenerate humans known as Underlings hunt in the darkness by using vibrations. The Underlings have a primative form of god worship although what gods they worship is unclear. The crazed Underling Acolytes appear to fill the roll of Priests within the comunities of Underlings.
Class:Human Level:355
Attack:1191 - 1313 Defense:2097 - 2275
Armor:1981 - 2061 Damage:1590 - 1736
HP:6956 - 7294 Gold:268 - 332
XP:1032 - 1108
Dodge:45% - 55%
Disarm:15% - 20%
Dropped Items
Death Mark
Etched Ring of Urrtanii
Gloves of Nurquaz
Helmet of Baaltour
Spawning Information
Glitter Mine Depths:100%
Additional Notes

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