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Dwarven King (Champion)
The Dwarven King of Morukan is skilled in combat and is heavly armed with custom armor and powerful rune weapons. However the King harbours a dark secret and has joined the ranks of the undead and has apearently got the ability to return from death time and time again for fight his most hated foes...
Class:Dwarf Level:355
Attack:4772 - 4876 Defense:1164 - 1310
Armor:1010 - 1166 Damage:3521 - 3627
HP:10565 - 10885 Gold:242 - 358
XP:1345 - 1505
Critical Hit:25% - 30%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Josshane
Boots of Chanlore
Enscribed Armor of Arboraith
Animation of Flesh
Spawning Information
Kings Chamber:100%
Additional Notes

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