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The Ragarim are powerful creatures deeply bound to nature. They wander the plains in a constant search for water and food and are generally quiet and do not harm others. However when under threat they can use their brute strength and razor sharp horns to defend themselves.
Class:Beast Level:359
Attack:1067 - 1265 Defense:1177 - 1311
Armor:1255 - 1425 Damage:3400 - 3506
HP:6924 - 7486 Gold:273 - 327
XP:1009 - 1155
Reinforced Armor:2% - 15%
Critical Hit:3% - 12%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Mohbeal
Armor of Sushtuss
Boots of Jauhek
Gloves of Eruyd
Helmet of Portanka
Ring of Taesos
Rune of Theartaki
Shield of Isurigu
Spear of Hillaiyh
Spawning Information
Great Plains (North):78%
Great Plains (South):22%
Additional Notes

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