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Horned Lizard
One of the few creatures who call these land home are the hardy Horned Lizards. The Horned Lizard is covered in hard bone spikes and is a grumpy creature and will attack any who stray to close to its home in the Fools Gold.
Class:Reptile Level:369
Attack:1680 - 1844 Defense:2359 - 2515
Armor:1649 - 1701 Damage:1465 - 1595
HP:7124 - 7686 Gold:276 - 324
XP:1055 - 1169
Piercing Strike:8% - 16%
Reinforced Armor:1% - 12%
Critical Hit:2% - 12%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Erinbleith
Armor of Antura
Boots of Lutar
Gloves of Ollrishos
Helmet of Dillintaphos
Ring of Verdor
Rune of Corfanil
Shield of Jartorvin
Blade of Wibinaar
Spawning Information
Fools Gold Vale (Outer):100%
Additional Notes

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