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Raptors are dangerous creatures from ancient times. Raptors have thrived extinction by remaining hidden deep in the Paladir Forest. Few ever survive an attack by a pack of Raptors, for together they form a well coordinated stealthy killing machine.
Class:Reptile Level:21
Attack:120 - 125 Defense:30 - 32
Armor:40 - 42 Damage:10 - 32
HP:20 - 54 Gold:18 - 25
XP:44 - 51
Breaker:10% - 12%
Dropped Items
Balanced Sabre
Deathbloom Plant
Gnarled Amulet
Heavy Leather Gloves
Heavy Orc Shield
Mystic Rune
Vile Orc Spear
Spawning Information
Paladir Forest West:65%
Paladir Forest East:35%
Additional Notes

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