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Gantharoth Knocker Rooter
The Knocker Rooters are normally just workers in Gantharoth, using their axes to cut roots and tubers from the walls of the burrows which they sell in the secret markets in Gantharoth. They guard their own root patches jealously and view any that come near as thieves (for knockers are all thieves at heart) and won't hesitate in attacking any who do.
Class:Magical Level:4353
Attack:104392 - 104592 Defense:1150 - 1306
Armor:1136 - 1320 Damage:64048 - 64160
HP:34119 - 34697 Gold:283 - 317
XP:67335 - 74747
Piercing Strike:20% - 30%
Critical Hit:20% - 30%
First Strike:30% - 40%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Gantharoth Burrows (Roots):91%
Gantharoth Burrows (Barracks):9%
Additional Notes

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