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Gantharoth Slash Devil
Gantharoth Slash Devils are the warrior priests of the Gantharothians, when not fighting with their deadly bladed weapons they preach a strange religion to their people in a strange clicking language. It is unknown what god or gods they worship but some scholars think this religion may have far darker roots and may even be linked to the dark evil religions of the world. But nothing is known for certain.
Class:Beast Level:4358
Attack:16381 - 16461 Defense:98733 - 98929
Armor:1178 - 1282 Damage:6461 - 6617
HP:171893 - 172575 Gold:271 - 329
XP:68434 - 73976
Dodge:30% - 50%
Disarm:30% - 50%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Gantharoth Burrows (Slash):93%
Gantharoth Burrows (Whirl):7%
Additional Notes

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