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Dark Stalker
Dark Stalkers reside within the dark recesses of the Canyon Depths. Dark Stalkers hunt their prey useing deadly stealth. A warrior faceing a Dark Stalker must keep his guard as their claws are charp enough to chop through armor and bone with ease!
Class:Vermin Level:373
Attack:2309 - 2453 Defense:1512 - 1576
Armor:1421 - 1487 Damage:2060 - 2148
HP:7376 - 7594 Gold:267 - 333
XP:1045 - 1203
Piercing Strike:1% - 12%
Critical Hit:2% - 14%
Dodge:1% - 16%
Dropped Items
Dark Shade Plant
Amulet of Zehrtak
Armor of Jernula
Boots of Olra
Gloves of Ralka
Hammer of Eldowin
Helmet of Tullmak
Ring of Fraltonia
Rune of Xekintor
Shield of Kaii
Stalker Claw
Spawning Information
Canyon Depths:100%
Additional Notes

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