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Chest of Azrael (Legendary)
Duane Henten travels around the realms with a strange box. Within the box it his excised twin, Azrael. They travel seeking those who separated them, seeking bloody and final vengeance for the wrong done to them.
Class:Demon Level:3900
Attack:8868 - 8996 Defense:840 - 920
Armor:73090 - 73210 Damage:5036 - 5136
HP:122941 - 123599 Gold:212 - 388
XP:14003 - 15991
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Azrael Chest Shield
Azrael Hide Armor
Spawning Information
Janath Fortress (Blooding Vault):18%
Manthalion Forest (Range):25%
Hoaragog Plains (Web):16%
Hoaragog Plains (Battle):18%
Hoaragog Plains (Scree):23%
Additional Notes

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