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Sepharom Weaver
Sepharom Weavers are the Third rank of Sepharom warrior. The Sepharom are magical by their very nature. But it normally only manifests in later life. When the Sepharom have come of age, they all try to master the magical talent. Only the most accomplished are chosen for rank of Weaver. The pure magic users of the Kingdom.
Class:Reptile Level:377
Attack:1492 - 1598 Defense:1126 - 1206
Armor:2378 - 2516 Damage:2325 - 2485
HP:7303 - 7827 Gold:266 - 334
XP:1055 - 1217
Piercing Strike:1% - 11%
Critical Hit:2% - 12%
Dodge:5% - 15%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Thrintol
Armor of Loridal
Boots of Masraltha
Gloves of Methralaig
Helmet of Barintal
Mace of Amarsa
Ring of Dilatru
Rune of Lywerni
Shield of Brigtar
Spawning Information
Broken Lands (East):88%
Broken Lands (North):12%
Additional Notes

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