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Jebat the Vengeful (Legendary)
Jebat was regarded as one of the greatest warriors in the realm. Together with his childhood friends, they served their King with absolute and unfaltering loyalty. After one of his friends being accused of having an illicit affair with one of the King\'s court stewardesses, he was put to death without trial for the offence. The King then bestowed the rank of head of palace security upon Jebat. With this came an ancient magical weapon, believed to grant its wielder invulnerability. Jebat, believing his friend had been killed unjustly, decided to avenge his friend\'s death. This vengeance became a palace killing spree. Unable to calm his anger and hatred, he continues his amok in the realm.\r\n\r\nDesigned by : Profumo
Class:Human Level:2450
Attack:24658 - 24818 Defense:825 - 909
Armor:474 - 648 Damage:29956 - 30008
HP:78319 - 78901 Gold:287 - 313
XP:6060 - 6128
Piercing Strike:100% - 100%
Critical Hit:100% - 100%
Breaker:100% - 100%
Nullify:100% - 100%
Disarm:100% - 100%
First Strike:100% - 100%
Hypnotize:100% - 100%
Soulless:100% - 100%
Dropped Items
Jebat's Fallen Destar
Jebat's Fallen Kris
Spawning Information
Town of Gadral (Pavilion):18%
Phudir Sands (Flats):20%
Mistaroth Mountains (Scree):20%
Soktharg Jungle (Training Grounds):19%
Dornath Forest (Copse):23%
Additional Notes

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