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Terradoth Sa Lith Slasher
The Sa-Lith are a subterranean people that try their best to stay hidden from other races. The Sa-Lith train the young recruits in their army in the art of stealth and in the use of deadly fighting claws. The Sa-Lith Slashers as these young are known are fast and deadly in combat, unlike the Veteran Sa-Lith that become slower and stronger with age.
Class:Reptile Level:4423
Attack:15001 - 15061 Defense:1170 - 1326
Armor:101052 - 101208 Damage:7401 - 7465
HP:174592 - 174972 Gold:265 - 335
XP:68364 - 78326
Reinforced Armor:80% - 100%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Terradoth Labyrinth (Slash):89%
Terradoth Labyrinth (Depths):11%
Additional Notes

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