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Orc Wolf Rider
The Orc Lands are tightly policed by highly trained Wolf Riders. These run down anyone foolish enough to enter their realm. Many are surprised by the capable Wolf Riders, thinking that the Orcs are mindless. Few of these Warriors live to tell of their mistake.
Class:Mounted Level:385
Attack:2226 - 2314 Defense:1410 - 1476
Armor:2241 - 2297 Damage:1657 - 1825
HP:9029 - 9511 Gold:280 - 320
XP:1146 - 1174
Piercing Strike:3% - 16%
Reinforced Armor:5% - 12%
Critical Hit:2% - 12%
Dropped Items
Amulet of SaZinJux
Armor of DuDrasax
Boots of XolGazrim
Gloves of PuzJorDox
Helmet of UgZakKaz
Ring of LuTulGozz
Rune of KazKetok
Shield of ZolGottJash
Blade of ZolVuxKesh
Spawning Information
Clan Gate:100%
Additional Notes

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