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Blood Eye Orc
The Blood Eye Clans warriors are blood thirsty berserkers who wield wickedly sharp axes when they go to battle Where they delight in chopping of their foes limbs and heads!
Class:Greenskin Level:387
Attack:1161 - 1289 Defense:3602 - 3792
Armor:2030 - 2210 Damage:628 - 814
HP:7663 - 7867 Gold:275 - 325
XP:1144 - 1188
Reinforced Armor:4% - 15%
Critical Hit:1% - 13%
Nullify:2% - 12%
Dropped Items
Amulet of ZukTaz
Armor of HaxQulNar
Boots of QazGraa
Gloves of KuxZolTu
Helmet of LoJorKran
Mace of VorKazook
Ring of NulJillGrak
Rune of VilGraa
Shield of VoJillKor
Spawning Information
Blood Eye Clan Lands:97%
Ug Grash Main:3%
Additional Notes

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