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Sepharom Halfspear (Champion)
The Sepharom Halfspear arose because one faction kept loosing in battle. The champions figured out that they threw their spear at the enemy and were then left defenceless. They broke the long spear and handed it back the warriors and said 'If You return from battle without your spear, you shall be put to death.' This meant that the Sepharom had to fight in close, which they are very adept at.
Class:Reptile Level:375
Attack:1943 - 2089 Defense:3888 - 4020
Armor:2143 - 2311 Damage:3046 - 3208
HP:11087 - 11563 Gold:276 - 324
XP:1414 - 1596
Piercing Strike:1% - 12%
Reinforced Armor:2% - 15%
Breaker:6% - 16%
Nullify:2% - 12%
Dropped Items
Blade of Wulneis
Ring of Doitiltal
Rune of Drelintral
Shield of Xophon
Spawning Information
Broken Lands (South):100%
Additional Notes

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