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Blood Wolf
These solitary creatures of the night feed off the blood and flesh of their prey. Some say that these fell creatures are touched with the curse of the vampire, and its certainly true that they only hunt at night and their taste for blood is unquenchable.
Class:Undead Level:33
Attack:75 - 80 Defense:75 - 80
Armor:75 - 80 Damage:75 - 95
HP:75 - 80 Gold:32 - 34
XP:70 - 72
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Blessed Wall Shield
Blood Bloom Plant
Crystal Amulet
Hauberk of Anguish
Havoc Rune
Padded Boots
Sturdy Flail
Spawning Information
Forgotten Forest (West):42%
Forgotten Forest (East):33%
Burning Abyss (Level 2):25%
Additional Notes

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