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Frost Dragon (Legendary)
The Scrolls of Lore describe the elegant yet deadly Frost Dragons as non-aligned guardians of ancient treasures. These magnificently ancient beasts make the coldest and most inhospitable places their lairs, sleeping deep in icy caves with their treasure. To seek out a Frost Dragon is suicide, the ice hard scales upon its body are all but impervious to attack and its frozen breath can freeze a man solid in seconds.
Class:Dragon Level:15
Attack:35 - 38 Defense:30 - 35
Armor:26 - 32 Damage:22 - 35
HP:120 - 152 Gold:9 - 15
XP:48 - 68
Piercing Strike:10% - 10%
Reinforced Armor:5% - 10%
Critical Hit:5% - 5%
Breaker:50% - 50%
Dropped Items
Reborn Dragon Amulet
Reborn Dragon Armor
Reborn Dragon Axe
Reborn Dragon Boots
Reborn Dragon Gloves
Reborn Dragon Helm
Reborn Dragon Ring
Reborn Dragon Rune
Reborn Dragon Shield
Spawning Information
Elya Plains North:34%
Elya Canyon (Mouth):16%
Elya Plains South:28%
Otha Caves (Level 1):15%
Nomad Barracks:6%
Additional Notes

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